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Ability Awareness

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Success Story: Employees on the M.O.V.E.

  • Mitsubishi Electric volunteers install solar panels on a home
  • Mitsubishi Electric Organized Volunteer Efforts (MOVE) logo
  • A student with a disability fixes a CNC panel, while a Mitsubishi Electric volunteer mentor looks on

To honor and recognize employees on the M.O.V.E.—Mitsubishi Electric Organized Volunteer Efforts—the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation established the M.O.V.E. Award program in 1994. The award recognizes one outstanding volunteer project each year that is conducted and organized by volunteer philanthropy committees at Mitsubishi Electric company locations in the U.S.

The annual M.O.V.E. Award goes to the project that best exemplifies the principles of community service, team work, and good corporate citizenship. Originally funded by contributions from Mitsubishi Electric US executives, the Award includes a trophy and a cash grant of $1,000 given to an eligible nonprofit organization selected by the winning committee.

While only one project is recognized annually as the winner in this friendly competition all Mitsubishi Electric Organized Volunteer Efforts are highly-valued, and the real winners are the community organizations and the people and causes they serve.

The two most recent M.O.V.E. Award winning projects are:

2012 Solar Installation Project benefiting GRID Alternatives

ACTiVE Committee, Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc., Cypress, CA

ACTiVE Committee and Green Team volunteers donated and installed a 2.1kW solar power system on the home of a family with a child with disabilities. This project helps to reduce the family’s energy costs, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

 Mitsubishi Electric Brings Solar Powered Holiday Cheer to Souther California Family

2011 Disability Mentoring Day benefiting the Special Education District of Lake County

VISION Committee, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc., Vernon Hills, IL

Since 2007, MEAU has opened its doors for one day in October to high school students from the Special Education District of Lake County to participate in Disability Mentoring Day. Employee volunteers serve as mentors to the students providing mock interview and job shadowing opportunities. One student has even returned to the company to participate in a paid summer internship. Other Mitsubishi Electric companies in the U.S. have since replicated the project at their own locations providing practical employment experience to students with disabilities around the country.

Success Story: Disability Mentoring Day - Pipelines of Talent


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