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Ability Awareness

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Success Story: Youth Sports Mentoring Program

  • A mentor with prosthetic legs holding a javlin kneels with his mentee, also with prosthetic legs
  • A Disabled Sports mentor and his mentee in wheelchairs sit together along a sideline at a sports field
  • Disabled Sport mentor and his son presents an award to his mentor, a young woman in a wheelchair

Organization: Disabled Sports USA
Amount: $85,000
Years: 2006, 2008

With a grant from the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation, Disabled Sports USA developed a unique youth sports mentoring project, which partnered youth with disabilities and Wounded Warriors who were returning from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This project not only provided youth with an adult role model, but it helped the returning vets too. The veterans were able to reintegrate more quickly into their communities, and the project provided the soliders someone to talk to about living with a disability.

Project Results

The project was first piloted at the 2006 Endeavor Games, then spread to 33 Disabled Sports chapters and affiliates in 17 states working in a variety of sports.


“His name is Dan McCauley. He has been in a chair for over 20 years and if I have any question on how to do something or adapt it to make it work, he either immediately has an answer or he will find one. He is a great guy and an awesome mentor.”
~ Patrick Ivison, age 14, DS/USA Mentee at the San Diego Adaptive Sports Foundation

“I volunteered to be a mentor to hopefully help make a positive impact on a young athlete’s life. Working with Patrick has been a great experience and the positive impact has been a twoway street.”
~ Dan McCauley (Patrick’s mentor), DS/USA Mentor

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