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M>PWR Initiative

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Empowering youth to live productive lives

Given the serious challenge young people and veterans with disabilities face successfully transitioning into the workforce, the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation Board of Directors adopted a vision to empower youth with disabilities to lead productive lives through increased employment.
To help reach this vision, the Foundation has introduced the MEAF M>PWR Initiative.

About M>PWR

The Initiative works through a network of National and Community Organizations to help youth and veterans with disabilities develop their leadership, self advocacy and employment skills, as well as create tools to help employers learn how to successfully recruit, hire and retain employees with disabilities, with the goal of improving employment outcomes in communities throughout the U.S.

Meet the M>PWR Organizations

National Organizations

Community Organizations

M>PWR Summits

MEAF worked with its National and Community network of organizations to hold a series of regional M>PWR Summits. These Summits convened employers, service providers, and community leaders to create a dialogue on the needs related to youth and veterans with disabilities transitioning to employment, and developed recommendations on how to effectively improve employment outcomes.

M>PWR Summit Dates/Locations

  • M>PWR Chicago
    April 2, 2014
  • M>PWR Cincinnati
    June 5, 2014
  • M>PWR Southern California
    July 1, 2014
  • M>PWR DC
    February 24-25, 2016


Read the final report from M>PWR Chicago.

Strategy Recommendations

Read the final report and checklist from M>PWR DC.

M>PWR DC Final Report

M>PWR Checklist for Employers, Youth & Service Providers

Learn about some of the successful strategies to empower youth the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation has supported over the years.

Success Stories

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